About me

About me T.A.G

What's your middle name? I don't have one.

Favourite subject in school? English

Favourite drink? caramel mocha by Starbucks

Favourite song at the moment? Everything by Kanye West haha♥

What would you name your children? Ben and Perrie

Do you participate in any sports? Yes, I play tennis

What's your favourite book? The Great Gatsby

What's your favourite colour? Black and White

What's your favourite animal? Dogs and Elephants

What's your favourite perfume? Princess by Vera Wang

What's your favourite holiday? Definetely Christmas! I'm such a winter person

Have you graduated from High School? Not yet

Have you been out of the country? Yes, very often

Do you speak any other languages? Besides Englisch, I speak German and a little bit Latin

Do you have any siblings? No

What's your favourite store? H&M and Mango

What's your favourite restaurant? The Cheescakefactory

Do you like school? No haha

Favourite Youtubers? Zoella, Gabriella Lindley, Marcus Butler, Meghan Rienks

What's your favourite movie? The wolf of wall street & Bridget Jones Diary

Favourite TV shows? Pretty Little Liars, How I Met Your Mother, breaking bad

PC or Mac? PC

What phone do you have? Samsung Galaxy S4

How tall are you? 5'7

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